Thursday, December 02, 2010


This year  I  had an experience that hurt me badly.. Almost shattered me. I can proudly say that I  really understand what the poem below means.. cos it was forgiving that person that ultimately healed my wounds..

The tears I shed, I forgive.
The suffering and disappointments, I forgive.
The betrayals and lies, I forgive.
The slandering and scheming, I forgive.
The hatred and persecution, I forgive.
The punches that were given, I forgive.
The shattered dreams, I forgive.
The dead hopes, I forgive.
The disaffection and jealousy, I forgive.
The indifference and ill will, I forgive.
The injustice in the name of justice, I forgive.
The anger and mistreatment, I forgive.
The neglect and oblivion, I forgive.
The world with all its evil, I forgive.

Grief and resentment, I replace with understanding and agreement.
Revolt, I replace with music that comes from my violin.
Pain I replace with oblivion.
Revenge, I replace with victory.

I will be able to love above all discontentment.
To give even when I am stripped of everything.
To work happily even when I find myself in the midst of all obstacles.
To dry tears even when I am still crying.
To believe even when I am discredited. 

                                                          -  Paulo coelho 

P.S. From his new book The Aleph (O Aleph),  The book is currently only in Portuguese, but it will be published world wide in 2011

Friday, November 19, 2010


Whatever runs contrary to the 'Flow' will not last..

Let us  learn when to act and when not to act.
Let us understand the 'Action in Inaction and 'Inaction in Action'

Let life unfold and unfurl over us..

Let us accept and harmonize with the 'Flow.'.


Sunday, November 07, 2010


We wait a lifetime to meet Someone

Who understands us,

Accepts us as we are.

At the end,

We find that Someone, all along,

Has been Ourselves.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Two possibilities.

There are only two possibilities in every moment. You can fight or you can kiss.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Let us erase from our memory completely

a) Our lost opportunities.
b) Our mistakes once we have asked for forgiveness.
c) Our hurts.

Let us save in our memory and keep reminding ourselves

a)  Our blessings
b)   People who  have helped us.

Friday, October 22, 2010


The only way to win,


is to Surrender.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Lets not be afraid to fail..

Why not try again ,  again and again ..?

Friday, October 15, 2010


We have the power to do anything we wish except these two

a) We cannot create reality.

b) We cannot destroy it.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We build lifetimes as spiders build webs.

Lots of trials, sometimes, to fit one strand.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Clouds don"t worry

about falling into the sea because

they can"t

a) fall or

b) drown

but they are free to belive they can,

and they may fear if they wish.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Letter writing :)

Write letters to God .


It really helps.

How can he not reply??


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peace.. Peace.. Peace..

Nothing is worth spoiling the peace of our minds..

Be a peace angel today. India needs you.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


No raindrop ever falls in the wrong place.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Let life happen to you. Life is always right. Nothing happens by chance.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


‘I don’t know how you manage it.’. My hubby sounded cross.. ‘People instinctively know that they can cheat you..’

I kept silent.. Was it true?

Maybe it was..

‘Don’t take what people say at face value.. And money is something that tempts people.. Always..’

‘Hmmm.. ‘ I nodded my head bent..

The bill had been for 525 rupees. I had no change. So I had given the caretaker a one thousand rupees note.

‘You go there only few days a month.. It’s not as if you know him that well’


‘You should think what is making a person say something.. not just believe it blindly.’

‘Yes. I had believed him.. When he told that he had spent the balance amount and he would pay me back when he got his salary.. I had again kept quiet when he told his salary was not enough but he would himself pay the next month’s bill.

He had come after me each time I walked across the lobby to get into my car.. Apologizing..

‘Ma’m please don’t tell the committee.’ he had begged

I had finally got irritated.

‘Don’t keep talking about it and wasting my time. You pay it next month.’ I had driven off angry with myself..

He had kept quiet after that.. And I had ignored him..

I had gone there the last weekend to see a new caretaker.. The previous one had left..!!

‘You have been cheated.. Don’t trust people like that. If you have to pay 525 you should give only maximum 600’. My hubby repeated if talking to a small child.

‘Hmmm..’ I nodded contritely.

Somehow I had never thought that he would Leave the job and go away like that without paying me the balance.

‘Just learn from it.. Don’t fret over it .’ My hubby felt sorry for me I think.

‘Hmmm..; I nodded.

I could only learn from it and move on.

But I felt a bit disturbed.. I had so blindly trusted him.. It was not a big thing.. Just 475 rupees .. But still.. It was not the amount.. It was the fact that I had been so naive.. That I had been fooled..

Something that was so obvious to my hubby.. I had been blind to it..

Any way I have learned one more lesson.. I consoled myself.

Yes.. I keep learning..

I dedicate this post to all those who have cheated me.

Thank you .. For all the lessons in life..

After all the only mistakes in life are the ones from which we learn nothing.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Take care..

Take care of them..

They are our most prized possessions.. Little bundles of energy.. With capacity to breed.... Millions and million times over..

They can make us stagger with pain ..stark mad with fury..smother us with wretchedness, loathing, and despair..

They can make us face malice with mercy.. defeat with equanimity.. and terror with tranquility

They can make us see the vulgarity in vanity.. hilarity in hypocrisy .. gift in adversities and blessing in betrayals..

They can give us the might of tenderness .. the quietness of absolution.. and the delight of dreams..

They can sweep away the past.. living waters to flow on.. and grace to gush forth..

They can lift us up.. get us going.. and make us soar..

Beyond the the horizons.. beyond the quiet of the clouds..towards staggering light and love..

They are our most prized possessions.. Little bundles of energy.. With capacity to breed.. Millions and million times over..

Yes sweethearts..

Let us take care of our thoughts..

They are out most prized possessions..

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Choose compassion..Choose happiness...

For ourselves as well as for everyone..

Our refuge is our good nature available for expression..


Monday, February 22, 2010


When two seemingly unrelated events occur simultaneously we at least owe it to ourselves to question 'WHY'

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Its all about loving yourself..

I watched the tears streaming down her flushed cheeks..

‘Love you forever!’

Does that sort of love really exist? I wondered.I didnt’t know… Maybe it did..

‘Love you forever..!! You are mine.. Only mine..I want you forever whatever happens.. He told me.. ‘

'I didn’t know ‘whatever’ included his marriage too !'

She started to sob again

‘Sweetheart don’t cry.' I told her. He is not worth it.

Haven’t you heard it? ‘If he is making you cry he is not worth the tears.' I laughed at my own joke.

She continued to sob

Pl don’t cry like this. He is not worth it. I repeated driving in the point.

‘You have your whole life ahead.. Wonderful years.’

‘I cant promise that everything will be fine. Life is not that easy.’

I had taught her many things.. How to French braid her hair.. how to make a mean beef fry .. How to breathe with the wind.. Her mom’s untimely death had made my cousin, her father to put her in my care off and on.. And I loved it.. I definitely needed some female company for a change..

Having only sons. Two football crazy eating machines !!

Personaly I don’t think’ love u 4 ever’ kind of love really exist.. I mean the‘romantic couple’ walking into the sunset holding hands forever sort of love . It’s only a trap of our own romantic dreams.

I wanted to tell her that too.. But no I wouldn’t tell her that. She would have to learn it herself.

Certain things one has to learn by oneself.. Earn it .. as they say in the ads.

‘Life is a roller coaster ride my love.. Its bitchy one day, showering you with blessings the next. ‘‘Go with the flow…The more u resist life, more is your pain.’ I told her.
‘Have courage in yourself. Rejection is a great teacher.. Makes us understand that we can grapple with disappointment and then move on.’

She was listening now , rubbing her swollen eyes.

‘So your Prince charming went back to become the toad .’ I giggled..

‘So what? It has happened to many princesses and they have survived.. I smiled.

Now wash your face, I have a gift for you, its valentine’s day after all na.’

I gave her a DVD. ‘I have recorded two movies in it. Watch both today itself.’ I smiled.

‘Il cal tonight .Tell me who you want to be Clara or Annie.’

She picked up the cell at the first ring itself

'Ya I saw both..I understand..'

Her voice was hoarse. She had cried again I knew..

‘So tell me whom u want to be.’

‘Clara or Annie?

‘Clara.. For sure..' She whispered.

‘Hmmmm .. I knew that.. classy revenge.’ I giggled..

She laughed..

‘Ok sweet heart. Watch Clara.. Again and again’

Goodnight..Happy valentine’s day once more. And Remember.. It’s all about loving yourself..

I switched of the phone and walked to the mirror and smiled at myself....

The DVD had contained two movies . Stories of two diff type of women.. Clara of Padmarajans ‘Thuvanathumbikal ‘who had let go of her lover with a smile and moved on with her life and of Annie of Lenin Rajendrans ‘Chillu’ who had drowned in her misery.

I looked at myself in the mirror …admiring my dark eyes … the soft hair loose on my shoulders...

Yeah it’s all about loving yourself..

‘Happy Valentine’s Day I smiled at myself....