Monday, February 22, 2010


When two seemingly unrelated events occur simultaneously we at least owe it to ourselves to question 'WHY'


Blogger said...

yeah it happens ...We ask "Why" , but we dont get answer everytime ..isnt it ? Can you tell - Why ?

Bala said...


I ve been reading your blogs for the past one year and most of the time touches my heart and makes my eyes moist. I ve enver commented on any of them. Sometimes after reading ur certain posts i felt i should ve been a doc rather than a s/w engg. You save lives and there is nothing equal to it.To say it all...An admirer of your posts.. Hats Of To You....


hope and love said...

There should be an answer.. thats we have to ask 'why'? and search deeply for the answer
thanks a lot..!!nothing like that.every job is important.

Team JIL JIL JIGA said...

respected doc, sorry... this is the only communication I found... can I have your email/num pl?: very touching blog, keep it up.