Thursday, February 25, 2010


Choose compassion..Choose happiness...

For ourselves as well as for everyone..

Our refuge is our good nature available for expression..


Monday, February 22, 2010


When two seemingly unrelated events occur simultaneously we at least owe it to ourselves to question 'WHY'

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Its all about loving yourself..

I watched the tears streaming down her flushed cheeks..

‘Love you forever!’

Does that sort of love really exist? I wondered.I didnt’t know… Maybe it did..

‘Love you forever..!! You are mine.. Only mine..I want you forever whatever happens.. He told me.. ‘

'I didn’t know ‘whatever’ included his marriage too !'

She started to sob again

‘Sweetheart don’t cry.' I told her. He is not worth it.

Haven’t you heard it? ‘If he is making you cry he is not worth the tears.' I laughed at my own joke.

She continued to sob

Pl don’t cry like this. He is not worth it. I repeated driving in the point.

‘You have your whole life ahead.. Wonderful years.’

‘I cant promise that everything will be fine. Life is not that easy.’

I had taught her many things.. How to French braid her hair.. how to make a mean beef fry .. How to breathe with the wind.. Her mom’s untimely death had made my cousin, her father to put her in my care off and on.. And I loved it.. I definitely needed some female company for a change..

Having only sons. Two football crazy eating machines !!

Personaly I don’t think’ love u 4 ever’ kind of love really exist.. I mean the‘romantic couple’ walking into the sunset holding hands forever sort of love . It’s only a trap of our own romantic dreams.

I wanted to tell her that too.. But no I wouldn’t tell her that. She would have to learn it herself.

Certain things one has to learn by oneself.. Earn it .. as they say in the ads.

‘Life is a roller coaster ride my love.. Its bitchy one day, showering you with blessings the next. ‘‘Go with the flow…The more u resist life, more is your pain.’ I told her.
‘Have courage in yourself. Rejection is a great teacher.. Makes us understand that we can grapple with disappointment and then move on.’

She was listening now , rubbing her swollen eyes.

‘So your Prince charming went back to become the toad .’ I giggled..

‘So what? It has happened to many princesses and they have survived.. I smiled.

Now wash your face, I have a gift for you, its valentine’s day after all na.’

I gave her a DVD. ‘I have recorded two movies in it. Watch both today itself.’ I smiled.

‘Il cal tonight .Tell me who you want to be Clara or Annie.’

She picked up the cell at the first ring itself

'Ya I saw both..I understand..'

Her voice was hoarse. She had cried again I knew..

‘So tell me whom u want to be.’

‘Clara or Annie?

‘Clara.. For sure..' She whispered.

‘Hmmmm .. I knew that.. classy revenge.’ I giggled..

She laughed..

‘Ok sweet heart. Watch Clara.. Again and again’

Goodnight..Happy valentine’s day once more. And Remember.. It’s all about loving yourself..

I switched of the phone and walked to the mirror and smiled at myself....

The DVD had contained two movies . Stories of two diff type of women.. Clara of Padmarajans ‘Thuvanathumbikal ‘who had let go of her lover with a smile and moved on with her life and of Annie of Lenin Rajendrans ‘Chillu’ who had drowned in her misery.

I looked at myself in the mirror …admiring my dark eyes … the soft hair loose on my shoulders...

Yeah it’s all about loving yourself..

‘Happy Valentine’s Day I smiled at myself....