Saturday, January 28, 2006


I have been tagged bySILVERINE..

Rules of the game are...

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.

2. Need to mention the sex of the target.

3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.

4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Sex of the target :Male.
Hmmmmm.. this is very romantic..

My perfect lover

1. Has a sexy body, stubbled jaw, dimples, long hair flopping over his forehead and partly hiding his warm brown eyes, soft buttery voice, infectious laugh and smells sexy...

2. Make me feel like a princess.

3. Loves to sit and gaze at the stars in perfect silence... take long nature walks.... watch the sunset and listen to music along with me … and does gardening and cooking along with me.

4.. Smothers me with presents like flowers, diamonds, rubies, pearls, perfumes, books, CDs, chocolates, lacy lingerie.....Whisks me away on surprise holidays to Mauritius, Himalayas, Scotland, Paris, Tokyo..etc

5.Whispers words of love in my ears as we make sweet sensual passionate love.

6. Makes me laugh often….Says ‘U r special’ and ‘I love you’ often…..Writes lovely poetry about me

7. Ease away my pains irritations, tension and bitchiness with hugs and kisses

8. Drowns and dissolves me in his love.

Thank you silverine for this license to dream...

To a married woman experienced in the power and pleasure of adjustment, acceptance, patience, forgiveness and unconditional love..


people i wish would take up this tag..

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2. parna
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5. sujith
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7 akkusotto
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8. soniya

Monday, January 23, 2006


"Today war is a very lucrativeand profitable industry; tomorrow human organs harvested from prisnors of war or fresh dead bodies 'produced' during the war might turn into an innovative market.

And then corporate mavens will be evolving corporate plans and stratergies for growth, expansion, modernisation, vertical and horizontal intergration always focusing on the need to enhance profitability.

The management institutions and consultants will conduct research studies to add value.

( moid siddiqui)

Monday, January 16, 2006


Gautam’s study leave started today. He is in the tenth...

I come out of my room ready to go to the hospital and see him sprawled on the sofa..Watching football..

He is taking rest. Had gone for his Hindi tuition at 7am.

“ Had breakfast..?"I speak fast. I am already late.

“No.” he stretches himself and leans back on the cushion..

His eyes follow the stupid ball.

“When will you start..? Remember.. U should study well..”

“Hmmm..” he mutters..

“Tell me when will you start..?” I persist..

He lazily shifts his eyes from the TV screen and rests on the clock


“Ok...Ten.. study well..” I repeat..

He pretends not to hear..

I ring up at 10.05



“Study well..”

“Hmmm..” he growls..

“Have something to eat at 11.”
“What’s there to eat..?” His voice perks up.

“Bread and cutlets.”.

“Hmmm..” he sounds happy

He rings up at 10.25
“There is a power failure.. It’s too hot here..I cant study..”

“ Mama ..Ring up to the electric station.”

“U ring.”

“Me..? Don’t u know that they only listen to adults..”


“There is no current supply in Bhagath Singh Road..” I tell the electrician.

“Yes . Rain.. We are working on it.”

“How long..?”

“We can’t tell that.. Difficult in the rain.”. His voice turns defensive..

“My son is in tenth.. study leave.. has to study a lot..” I end it with a laugh..As if making a joke.. at myself..Has to pamper him..

He chuckles.

“Soon ma'm ..It’s the rain..” I can hear his smile in his voice..

I ring my house to tell my son …But the phone is busy.. Probably he is chatting with a friend..

My son gets good grades. But he doesn’t sweat over his studies the way I did.. The way the dainty girl in the house opposite to mine does..

He can’t read for more than 45mts at a stretch.. Lazes around the house.. Sprawls on the floor watching sports channels. Rolls on the bed chatting on the phone.. Sits and broods for hours.. And stares at me belligerently when I tell him to study

“Intelligent.. But can do better.. Needs to focus more..” Tell his teachers..

“Hmm.. A doc ..” Their eyes gleam at me silently..” Has no time for the family.. Such a smart boy.. Must be lacking in attention from his parents.”
“U worry unnecessarily..” My hubby laughs..,. “And u spoil him rotten that’s why he doesn’t put his full effort..” He adds..

I know I should act maturely.. Talk to him quietly . Get the message across as to how imp studies are.. Tell him I am always there to support him.. That we expect him to do his best.. And leave him to himself.. Not interfere… Not nag..
But how can I not ..?
I note that the TV is on as I park my car in front of my house at noon....
He is lying flat on the ground… Pillow under his head.. Feet up on the divan.. Watching football..

“Not studying ..?” I can’t help it..

“At 1pm..?” He stares at me as if I am crazy

I decide not to reply..

“Boys will be boys..” I tell myself..

Sunday, January 01, 2006

The new year..

The New Year has arrived..

I have to contemplate.. About the past year.. The mistakes I made.. The blessings I recieved.. The pain and betrayal I suffered.. The people who showered their love on me..The sucess i had...

I look forward to the new year with hope.. For moments of love.. The pleasure of sharing..The
strenght to face my challenges..

And what do I wish for all of you..?


For every dream in your heart,
I wish you greater inspiration.

For every hope you seek ,
I wish you unexpectes miracles.

For every opportunity awaiting you,
I wish you an extra chance.

For every challenge you meet,
I wish you a piece of your destiny.

Your greatest aspiration is but the
Begining of all that you have to offer.

So reach beyond yourself...
And let your heart carry you even higher.

-barbara vecqueray

Hmmm true.. Inspiration... Miracles.. Extra chances...all these would be great isnt it...?