Saturday, January 28, 2006


I have been tagged bySILVERINE..

Rules of the game are...

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.

2. Need to mention the sex of the target.

3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.

4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Sex of the target :Male.
Hmmmmm.. this is very romantic..

My perfect lover

1. Has a sexy body, stubbled jaw, dimples, long hair flopping over his forehead and partly hiding his warm brown eyes, soft buttery voice, infectious laugh and smells sexy...

2. Make me feel like a princess.

3. Loves to sit and gaze at the stars in perfect silence... take long nature walks.... watch the sunset and listen to music along with me … and does gardening and cooking along with me.

4.. Smothers me with presents like flowers, diamonds, rubies, pearls, perfumes, books, CDs, chocolates, lacy lingerie.....Whisks me away on surprise holidays to Mauritius, Himalayas, Scotland, Paris, Tokyo..etc

5.Whispers words of love in my ears as we make sweet sensual passionate love.

6. Makes me laugh often….Says ‘U r special’ and ‘I love you’ often…..Writes lovely poetry about me

7. Ease away my pains irritations, tension and bitchiness with hugs and kisses

8. Drowns and dissolves me in his love.

Thank you silverine for this license to dream...

To a married woman experienced in the power and pleasure of adjustment, acceptance, patience, forgiveness and unconditional love..


people i wish would take up this tag..

1. lash
2. parna
3. the monk
4. jagu.
5. sujith
6. rocksea
7 akkusotto
7. jo
8. soniya


Jo said...

Karthaave!!! Dhe, veendu oru tag!! Hmmm... nokkatte. :-)

Mind Curry said...

never stop dreaming :)
nice to know another doc who has the time and mind for blogging!

Anonymous said...

thanks for that mention doc.. but

i guess ur point 4 is a bit too harsh on ur hubby....

how little he wud ve known that he was marrying a looter :))

i will be miserable with this tag...

i am better off reading "the tagged".. thanks anyway...

-Poison- said...

wonder what we wud in a life without dreams and imagination!

u can find my tag here

Anonymous said...

rocksea :O :O
somehow i cudn't yet get into the idea of tagging yet. may be some day .. :D (may be some day i will put 'em all on a matrimonial profile??)

anyways, happy to see you rmbr me ;)

Anonymous said...


Doc...done my tag Opinions please... :) have a great weekend!!

silverine said...

*standing ovation*

You have done me proud!!!I am glad that you have used the License to Dream very liberally.

For your tag I would like to say *droooool*

Wish you had done this tag first so that I could have copy pasted it onto my blog :)) Doc you have outdone yourself this time in the romance dept.

Sujit said...

Wow.. doc!.. your points are to the dot and to cherish a nice livelihood..!

Geo said...

Cool list :_)

Hats off... I thot I was bold with my list... u did beat all of us by miles...

high time i take some lessons on Victorian love

hope and love said...


Prakash said...

after long time....
looks like blogging is going great...hope u had a great new year....
and by the way enjoyed reading it...hope ur dream comes it will come true..