Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Let us erase from our memory completely

a) Our lost opportunities.
b) Our mistakes once we have asked for forgiveness.
c) Our hurts.

Let us save in our memory and keep reminding ourselves

a)  Our blessings
b)   People who  have helped us.


anupama said...

Dear Anu,
Good Evening!
It is difficult to forget the hurts as they are deep and have left dark scars.
Time may help to forgive.
Wishing you a lovely night,

Meety said...

I'll try and follow the path to erase as am already following the path of saving and reminding :-) good one doc

lbandlav said...

Good one..i wonder, how do you get such good pics???

Bindhu Unny said...

Yes, let's do it. :)

hope and love said...

txs everyone :)
MTMV, I just collect pics from here and there.thats all.

Manoraj said...

Yes.. one good post..

Unknown said...


hope and love said...

the earlier we forgive and forget the better for us.. lets keep trying.. :)