Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pandora's Box

Spend the whole morning cleaning up my cupboard.

Omg ..!! It took me hours.

What’s wrong with me..? The clothes, cosmetics and junk jewelry I have wasted my precious time, money and energy to buy senselessly and hoard for years is amazing.

Why don’t I realize that shimmer and glimmer on the face only suits models on magazine covers?

That jeweled bidhis make me look silly and decked up.

That chunky ethnic jewelry I buy from handicraft shops looks so garish and gaudy on me that I finally just push it back after wasting time contemplating whether I should wear it with my handlooms.

They only make me resemble Protima Bedi on a bad day.

That bohemian style doesn’t suit my looks personality or my lifestyle.

That jeweled stilettos are only good to look at. They are h horrible to wear esp in evenings.

That organza makes me look fat. Organdie pricks my skin.

That drop earrings and huge hoops only make me feel my age. I would look foolish in them.

What makes me buy all thee things. Which of the seven vices..?

Is it greed? Or pride.?

Why don’t I realize that I will never use these things?

They give me some pleasure when I buy it.

But they are hardly used and just serve the purpose of irritating me. Cluttering my cupboard.

Making me realize that my lifestyle is too busy for all these things.. That I am getting old. ..

I should realize that I am a mature woman . A busy professional juggling her home and career.
That I should have a vision about the my lifestyle, personality and choices when I shop.

That I always end up wearing the same few soft simple snug handloom churidars with white Kurthas and shawls, tiny elegant jewelry and soothing light silks in mild shades that makes me feel feminine...

That my feet only tolerate soft, cushioned, snug footwear.

That all I need and use is a good cleanser, toner , moisturizer , a coral pink lipstick and mascara and a tiny black bindhi. And of course a perfume..

I was ruthless this time. Removed all the ‘hardly worn' clothes, cosmetics and footwear.. To be handed out to those who will use them, enjoy them..

And I have taken a resolution that I will only buy what I really need and use..

I will simplify my life..

Wish I could do it with my thoughts, emotions and relationships too..


Anonymous said...


Go for it Doc!!! I will follow your lead. Already on the 41 days long "vratham" for the Sabarimala Pilgrimage so it is easy to control my desires...

mathew said...

simplify life..good sum up..

when the sophastication gets tough , we love to go back in simple basics..

nice thoughts..

Anonymous said...

:) i wouldnt it was all that bad. youwanted to buy it and you bought it. now you wanted to throw it away and you threw it away. It's as simple as that.

tomorrow if you wanna buy those things again, dont think twice. dont sit down and analyse as to whether its greed pride or whatever.. ultimately thats what make us all human.. gred pride desires..

disclaimer - no i am not into the business of selling cosmetics. :))

Life said...

i think simple life is more beautiful to leave then to follow this materialstic things which generally tends to spoil life

Take Care

Scribbles said...

Can identify with u..
hmmm :( but I still cant bring myself to throw em out... and still continue to but the long dangling earring though i ve never wear em :)

-Poison- said...

simplifying life would be a very complex task :)

silverine said...

I have been thru the clutter and unnecessary expenditure myself only to realise that I go for something comfy while going out or to work,than the knick knacks I have bought. Guess we are all too busy to be women nowadays... Beautiful post as always!

Sujit said...

hehe... well being simple is good.. but when we see something.. it just strucks up in mind to have it!..small small things!.. I have a pleasure buying books.. costly ones.. but i hardly open :(.. and when i dont buy.. will be thinking.. oh. i could have read that and this from the book.. :(.. it happens :)

Emmanuel said...

that's a good one........

simple life is so good......i don't have to think abt how i may look like....i don't have to bother about wht others think abt my makes other constructive thoughts so clear......

good thoughts.......nicely written......carry on the good work.... :)))))

Slogan Murugan said...

Similar thoughts in 22nd november' NYT.
My Days Are Numbered


The average American home now has more television sets than people ... according to Nielsen Media Research. There are 2.73 TV sets in the typical home and 2.55 people, the researchers said.

— The Associated Press, Sept. 21.

I HAVE two kids. Both are away at college.

I have five television sets. (I like to think of them as a set of five televisions.) I have two DVR boxes, three DVD players, two VHS machines and four stereos.

I have nineteen remote controls, mostly in one drawer.

I have three computers, four printers and two non-working faxes.

I have three phone lines, three cell phones and two answering machines.

I have no messages.

I have forty-six cookbooks.

I have sixty-eight takeout menus from four restaurants.

I have one hundred and sixteen soy sauce packets.

I have three hundred and eighty-two dishes, bowls, cups, saucers, mugs and glasses.

I eat over the sink.

I have five sinks, two with a view.

I try to keep a positive view.

I have two refrigerators.

It’s very hard to count ice cubes.

I have thirty-nine pairs of golf, tennis, squash, running, walking, hiking, casual and formal shoes, ice skates and rollerblades.

I’m wearing slippers.

I have forty-one 37-cent stamps.

I have no 2-cent stamps.

I read three dailies, four weeklies, five monthlies and no annual reports.

I have five hundred and six CD, cassette, vinyl and eight-track recordings.

I listen to the same radio station all day.

I have twenty-six sets of linen for four regular, three foldout and two inflatable beds.

I don’t like having houseguests.

I have one hundred and eighty-four thousand frequent flier miles on six airlines, three of which no longer exist.

I have “101 Dalmatians” on tape.

I have fourteen digital clocks flashing relatively similar times.

I have twenty-two minutes to listen to the news.

I have nine armchairs from which I can be critical.

I have a laundry list of things that need cleaning.

I have lost more than one thousand golf balls.

I am missing thirty-seven umbrellas.

I have over four hundred yards of dental floss.

I have a lot of time on my hands.

I have two kids coming home for Thanksgiving.

Rick Moranis is the creator of a country music album, “The Agoraphobic Cowboy.”

Scribbles said...

Had read this post some time ago...Yesday I went thru ur other posts..Its a wonderful blog u have here... Its got the "hope and love" feeling..Ur posts relect it..

Sachin R K said...

Timely post. November 24 ( Last Friday of November ) was International Buy Nothing Day.

Mind Curry said...

if you are not using them..maybe i can borrow them..especially the shimmer and glimmer

hope and love said...

go ahead..
hmm only if life too was so simple..
maybe u r right. maybe il do it again.. but there is always scope for improvment isnt it..?
i can imagine how u feel..
right on the point.. as usual..
smart of u if u r past it. wish i had been like that at ur age
hmm.. true..
slogan murugan,
wonderful..!! txs a lot..
wow..!! txs for the info.
i was imagining u in shimmer and glimmer..

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Hey!! dropped in after ages....sorry!!!ichiri busy aayirunnu!
Nice post :)

Aashi said...

*same pinch* im same like things thinking that i will wear them...bring thm home n dump them in the corner of the cupboard!...but sometimes my hubby encourage me to wear those things!...things i keep side thinking they r too bold..may b he likes me in that stuff..

Unknown said...

good post!! happens with me as well.. i just buy stuff for sometimes it looks so beautiful :)

i liked d title of ur blog.. for both love and hope make big n small difference to our lives!!

happy blogging!

illusion said...

sigh! life ain't junk jewellery....

Geo said...



Geo said...

Minf Curry,

eathu penninu kodukkaan aanu? ;)

pophabhi said...

Salute for that last line! Awesome end!

Anonymous said...

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hope and love said...

txs buddy.
AF , keerthi, illusion,
hmmm.. true.. seems thst all the gals who commented has this problem..
LOL! typical of u..
welcome back..!!

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

I too cleaned up my cupboard b4 moving out of Hyd and had enought material for one full waste basket :)

Anonymous said...

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Ann said...

Finally!!!! a person who does EXACTLY what I do. Accumulates fashionable and passe items that I NEVER wear. Tons of metal jewelry from india, clunky Usha-Uthup style things that never saw the light of day. Madonna style plastic hoops (yes, i am a child of the Eighties). Angel, you would laugh..I even have nickel allergy, so i can't even wear these damned things, but bought them just as well. Flashy stilettos with gaudy adornments - my callused feet, comfortable in their Keds or Crocs, have never set foot in them. I blam ethose glossy mags and their beautiful models/actresses haughtily pouting at us that forces us to buy these clunks!!! at least Ic an laugh with you...:-)