Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Geo has tagged me..


so here I go..

5 people who top your shit list..... And why:

1.Men who make snide remarks about women in general. (Brings out the claws in me I suppose)

2.People who cut others down. ( Well we all hate bullies don't we..?)

3.Hypocrites and goody -goodies. ( they bring out the worst in me esp when other people believe them)

4. K.Karunakaran. (I abhor everything about him.)

5. George W Bush. (For obvious reasons)

Close brushes with death/danger:

We had gone to visit my cousiniat Ranni.I was looking forwards to dipping in the Pampa river which flows behind their back yard. Her son came with us but he was in the hostel..Had just come for hisChristmas hols and didn't know that river sand had been removed from the river bed in some of areas he thought were safe..

One minute I was fooling around, my feet firmly on the river bed. we were almost in the centre of the river that was almost dry . And next sec I i found myself going down deep into the water..

I don't know swimming but I was not worried cos peeps knows, and he was standing nearby.

He jumped in and tried to push me towards the banks but it was deeper and deeper there cos the sand had been removed from that .

He kept pushing me up in the air on and off and I would take deep breathes and sink down again like lead.. in between I could see my maid throwing some shawl towards me but I couldnt grasp it.

After some time I could feel his pushes becoming weaker and weaker.. I felt myself going dee
per and deeper and started to suffocate .. I almost lost my consciousnes..

In between I thought of the response of my parents, relatives and friends when they heard about my death..


Then I felt strong hands holding me and pulling me towards the bank..

Some workers on the other side had heard the commotion and dived into the river to save us..

I vomited out some water and felt soooo cold and damp for the next twenty four hours.. later came to know that a woman had died at that spot exactly one week before.. ! and that we should not go to bath at 12 noon.. ghosts comes and pull us down..!!

Peeps was panting with the strain That is the only occasion when I have seen him in a panicked state..



( Geo u made me write something I always block off from my thought Especially the part when I sink deeper and deeper.. feel suffocated and almost lose conciousness)

5 Preferable modes of suicide, in descending order:

I simply refuse to even think about such a morbid thing..!!(even for Geo)

5 Guilty pleasures:

1. Diary milk , milk halva, jilebis.. (those red succulentulent ones), gulab jamun with icecream.. ( I love everything sswwweeeeet)

2.Sleepin round the clock.( good for preventing wrinkles Supposed to be more effective than even visiting a spa.!! )

3.Buying endless no:s of sequined jeweled stilletoes which I rarely use cos im too tall for them and cos they r too harsh on my feet

4.Taking oil massage on every single day. Whether im on night duty or on tour. I skip it only if im on overnight journey..

5.Sittin and dreaming for hours.

5 things you never want to forget:

1.the first glimpse of my babies grandparents and a fav uncle and a fav aunt who r on the 'other side' college days.

4.the first time I wore my doc's coat and steth.

5.a soft buttery voice.

5 things you wish to forget

1. my aging :( morning sickness days :( ugly duckling days..( I was not a cute and lovely girl child..) :(

4.some unkind relatives :(
5.betrayal of a close friend or two. :((

5 really exotic dishes you have tried:

1.frog leg fry.

2.Rabbit meat fry.

3.Kada fry.

4.Pigeon meat fry

( my grandma's sis cooked it for some unexpected guests. She told us only after we had eaten it .. I cried and cried in sadnes and guilt cos we all had loved my grandma's pet pigeons.. )

No nothing more.. only 4 no:s. Geo u made me realize that I need to have more gastronomic

5 crushes/loves in your life... in chronological order (even initials or nicknames wud do. Oh, no ID attempts orpleasests pleez):

1.All those Tall Dark and Handsome Mills and Boon heroes ( thats what made me devour all that stuff..!! Iused to read them even on the nights before my exams keeping them inside my accademic books so that my mom wouldn't find out that i was not studying for my exam..!!
god i was hooked..!!

2.Imran Khan (his masterful arrogance made my knees go weak. )

3.Mel Gibson - (well those sexy eyes and butt could make me swoon even today.. )

4.Jeyan - sexy body, deep voice and the habit of raising one eyebrow..

5. Emran Hasmi.. (Jesus..!!! He is getting better and better..!!)

A weird dream u have had

Me in a crowd when I realise that im the only one in...ahem... my birthday suit.. :))

the rest of the dream comprises of howI try to escape as cooly as possible..!
I get this dream on and off..

5 most valued personal possessions: wedding ring diamond nose stud..( it has given me only good luck) music system ( id die without it)

4. my santro ( well.. I wouldnt mind if it was replaced by a by a brand new car.. ) accademic certificates .

5 favorite superheroes

1.The... giant in alladin's lamp and all those lamps some lucky people find.( who wouldn't love a giant slave who makes all ur wishes come true)

2. Phantom .. handsome, sexy. mystic.. and so debonair and polished when he wore ( unlike Tarzan the ape )i used to be so jelous of diana :))

3.Astrix and Oblix.. (adorable and cute whether they had eaten the majic potion or not ;))

4.Karna of Mahabharata..( so handsome and golden with conjenital golden 'kundals'...poor guy.. was a bastard and his mom too let him down.. my heart used to bleed for him. I hated krishna and arjuna for ganging up against him)

5.Bheema of Mahabharata ( after reading the book randamoozham)

5 people who should pass the parcel )

immigrant in canada.

Actually I was reluctant to do this tag cos of lack of time... but i couldnt refuse geo so I did it...

But I enjoyed it...!

I suppose all those confessions have cleansed me.. And made me fit to visit Gangothri.. !!

Well I suppose geo knows the best..


No wonder he is my darling..!!

Ps. Plz excuse the spelling and grammar mistakes. The checker is not workin and I dont have the time nor patience to do it myself.


Sarah said...

Drowning..can be scary..
My fondest moment is when the dr placed my baby on my tummy as soon as she came out..

Geo said...

Enikku ore publicity :_D …

So u too have a drowning experience… horrors!!

Sweet guilty pleasures… ha ha ha… u r way too sweet… :_)

Jeyan fan =))

Nice dream :_D

Randamoozham rocks!!

£ijo Isac said...

Doc, Find it surprising that all your favorite dishes are non veg :). Havent you tasted anything nice in the plant kingdom?

esvee said...

I thought you were in the Himalayas..!

Have a great trip!

Asterix and favourite comic

Randamoozham rocks as geo commented.

take care

hope and love said...

hmm yes.. drowning is so scary.. hope i dont hav to face it again in my life.. i used to be scared to go on boats after that experience

the sun the moon and geo doesnt need publicity..
ya i used to be a hard core jayan fan..
i read somewhere that many people get that dream.. it is supposed to mean that i feel in some way inferior to the rest of people..
and txs for that sweet compliment..
actualy i tried to remember if id had some exotic fruit or veg but i couldnt remeber anything..
r u a vegetarian..
we go on 29th..Asterix and favourite comic too..
randamoozham was so touching isnt it..?
i loved the image of yudhistara that was projected.. also kunthi's iimage.. and the part where bhima compares the response of krishna when abhimanyu dies to that when kadolkajan dies..

Mind Curry said...

excellent and frank, your close brush with danger was quite close huh doc? anyway..all is well now and i am glad.

p.s. i thought i will see Geo's name first in your list of fav superheroes :)

Scoot said...

Sarah: the doc placing your baby on ur tummy...that was soooooo sweet

hopeand love: oh Mi gosh...ghosts pulling people down where you almost ...ok I can't say it!
that was a close shave

i have a sweet tooth too:)

MEL GIBSON me too me too!!!

Emran hashmi ....hee hee(secretly,me too...but if I tell anyone they will think I am mad....wish the font in here could be a lil more teenier and tinier...since the last few movies...i mean the songs that i have seen of him...esp..the Gangster songs..i have been craving to see him hahaha..this is so weird!!)

hope and love said...

hmmm it was a close brush.. i think my attitude towards life changed after that experience..

p.s. geo's name is not one i would include in a 'list'. im seriously thinkin of dedicating an entire post / starting a tag " ten things that makes geo so special to me.."
imagine what a hit would be among all the blogworld gals..!!

hmmm.. sarah's comment was so sweet.. i had only a glimpse of my babies.. i touched them only later....i was under sedation after my LSCS. they were bundled up in baby clothes and blankets and sleeping . the first one in my moms arms and the second one in peeps arms.
emran hasmi..!! hee.. hee.. i wonder if every female feels like that..?!
i thought it was that role in 'murder' that made him soooo... :))
but as i had written he is gettin better and better..!!

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

HnL - That was really scary.. drowning..

Waiting to erad Randamoozham, have in my shelf. Only one novel I missed from MT, I am big fan of him.

Geo said...

ithenthaanivide nadakkunnathu :-?

njaan vichaarichu ente blogil maathrame ithollennu - athaayathu ente nenchathu ellaarum koode keeri nadathunna ee thiruvaathira..

ippo athu ivideyum thodangiyaa?

Anu chechy, youuu toooo ?

MC, anne pinne kandoolaam :_D

hope and love said...

hey...! koodipoyo..?
its cos ur comments and posts are so smart cute and hilarious..
people assosiate ur blog image with fun, teasing and good cheer..
take all this pampering u get in ur blog and other blogs as a compliment baby..
anu chechy karyamayittu paranjatha.. not joking here..

Geo said...



Dawn said...

interesting to know some of the confessions :)


Anonymous said...


Now I know why you talk to All Jeyan Movie villans were Jagguuuuuuuu...LOL!!!

Hmm did that experience make You learn swimming? Its such a joy...swimming is.

Will get to doing the tag ASAP.

Basil said...

type barbara vecqueray
check "I'm feeling lucky"(which gives u the first search result..guess u knw)

press enter....nd check wat u get....... :)

Jo said...

Nice reading your tag, doc. :-) K. Karu and GWB in the hate list - LOL!!! Agree with you totally!

I read Randaamoozham and been a Bhiman fan, but then I watched "Karnabhaaram" play and now Karnan is my hero! :-)

silverine said...

Doc this was such an absorbing read. Looking at your baby for the first time must have been awesome!!! The drowning incident was scary. Great tag. Have a nice holiday :)

Scoot said...

pssst...emran looks really good in the first few scenes of gangster..really good!especially in the songs...gosh!!

Anonymous said...

came back after a long time to find something absolutely funny...and a bit scary!

knw what? when i read your "shit list" i almost saw you running twds me with those claws, cos i've done a few things that u mentioned there....heheheh. well i can be frogiven doc. i am not a bad guy as such, though once in awhile i cant resist being one.

thanks again for that mention doc, you are always very kind, but i repeat, my lists are always very boring. and it can be sumed up in this comment box

shit list include Karan Johar Himesh Reshmayya(i still cant spell his name correctly) steven seagul Ben stiller Pooja bedi....

Close brush with danger. Today mornign while brushing i was only half awake and i almost damaged my Gum.

preferable modes of suicide i wud recommend to others

1)put ur head in a lions cage
2)eat nails
3)walk on mines
4)sleep in iraq
5)call my dad and ask for me :))

Heart of Gold !! said...

sure you must have enjoyed writing that as much as i had reading it!!