Wednesday, April 19, 2006


We are planning a trip. To the Himalayas. Darjeeling and Simla were considered but later ruled out cos we felt that they were too commercialized...finally we decided to visit Gangothri... and few other places in Uttaranchal...

Pristine virginal snow.. ! Lots of it. .!

Wilderness and silence that makes my heartbeat stop for a second.. And then heart quicken.

The smell of the blue pines . Breathing in the fresh crisp cold mountain air.. green medows..

Watching the morning mist sweeping down the valley cocooned in a blanket.. Sipping sweet tea..

Strolling down quiet country lanes lined with aged chestnut trees, not a sound to be heard except for the sweet chatter of the birds and the gurgling of streams..

Quaint little churches where I can light a candle at dusk

These are what i am seeking for..

But there seems to be a lot of places to choose from.. in Uttaranchal itself..

Any suggestions. Any tips..?

Ooohh..! I feel so excited..!


esvee said...


Though no tips..i am first to comment

silverine said...

Google and you will get lots of info. I am off to Simla and Kulu Manali with my folks this Monday. I am so looking forward to it. Have a great time doc.

Mind Curry said...

@ anu - wow..thats my big holiday dream project!! lucky you! tips : warm clothes, camera, dont forget to meet the powerful sages somewhere in the mountains, dont forget to taste snow, especially if its your first know for all holidays, there are things you SHOULD forget than you shouldnt :)

@ silverine - oh my gawwddd!! you are sooooo luckyyyy!! kuluuuuuu!!

Bittu's Mamma said...

Came here from another blog.
feel to say that you shouldn't miss Nainital if you going to Uttaranchal, it's awesome!

Sarah said...

My grandmother who has never travelled 50 km away from Chengannur told me abt Mansarovar. I always dreamed of going there
I have never been to the northern part of india..Hope u have a great vacation

Bhavesh said...

me wanna go on a holiday tooo.. but sigh.. wen u r a rookie in a software company, u got to slog your ass and forget holidays other than weekends... sigh...!!

Geo said...

sanyasikkaan pookuvaanoo :-?

athrakkokke vayasaayoo :-D


clash said...

May be u can try something to "smoke up" too :)-

Scoot said...

OH you lucky girl.
haven't been to those places so i can't give any good tips other than take all your woollens,mits,scarves water bottles maybe.
have a wonderful time out there

hope and love said...

we had gone to kulu and manali last april..and i fell in love with the himalayas.. now when peeps tell abt munnar or kodai i look at him in disgust..
but the season at kulu is in june july.. ie u want to see the apple blossoms... the trees r bare in april..
kulu shawls r good .. get ur photos in the local costumes.. i took mine.. my boys and peeps laughed at me but they pixs were a hit here..
beas river will be almost dry now.. but still its beautiful with millions of polishesd stones..
we couldnt go to rohtang pass cos of some snow slide but the boys did skying at another place.. the deodar trees and the woods r amazing..!
u will love the place..!!

hope and love said...

Matt, txs for ur advic 'you know for all holidays, there are things you SHOULD forget than you shouldnt' so sweet of u.. il remember that..
bittus's mama.. hmm nainital .. il see if we can..
manasasarovar is still far off.. i saw a photo exhibition recently taken by a photographer of the 'manorama' its simply divine.. id like to die there or do what geo has suggested..
justme.. dont sulk..
what do u mean by being a rookie in the software company..?
geo, no geokutta.. its to relax rejenuvate and.. *winks*
sanyasam ethreyum kazyinju thudaganam ennanu agraham.. and for that il go to 'manasasarovar'
tell me where il get good quality ones..

silverine said...

Thank you for that sweet comment. Here's something to make you smile even wider. Enjoy !!!


Sujit said...

Wwo.. have a nice trip.. I have no idea about uttaranchal.. Have lots of fun!!....... can tryout some source .. will check out. if something comes let you know.

quills said...

Wow..lucky you! :) Enjoy!! Pls click pics of the beautiful and majestic Himalayas.

starry said...

No Tips but have a good vacation,take lots of pictures and enjoy

Anonymous said...


Ohhh Take me with you Please ...Pretty Please. The temperatures here are already hittin 40ish. I can't wait for it to be June to be back at home sweet home.:)

Uttranchal...I remember going to Almora and Mussoorie as a Kid. Those days it used to be really uncommercialised. And this is season at those places I think. Have a great time Doc!!

clash said...

U missed out! Old manali is THE place :)- Now to give the exact directions.. Around the manu temple out there! It offers: A quintessential delusion that the "secret" always pushes you to :)- check it out! Heard its an aphrodisiac, not sure though!

Geo said...

long time since i tagged u...

consider urself tagged :_D

Ammey Kesarkar said...

I have been to Gangotri twice.
(Also Yamnotri, Badrinath, Kedarnath)
I loved the trek like anything
I do have a lot of tips for you..
The comment window is too small for it...

Anonymous said...

warning :
1) shibu soren, though he's in jharkhand can scare ur kids :))

2) at the station u can see ordinary men carrying guns and other freaky weapons. they are harmelss and they love cadbury's perk.

Sujith said...

my friends were there last month. nice experience they had there, have a nice journey!

hope and love said...

clash, il try.. and we can compare notes later..
OMG . geo im so busy packin n all that but ill try..
how can i refuse u..?!
Ammey Kesarkar.. plz mail to me in detail..
lash, i know that u will disagree with me but u r very very cute..

maya, alex, quills, starry nights, jithu, sujith jaggu dear.. txs..

Aashi said...

woww!!!! i envy u now!....can i join u??!!

Anonymous said...

hey angel!

lovely idea, indeed. will mail you some secret tips;)!

YoUr MoGuD...

hope and love said...

surely not in ur present condition darling.. what if junior demands to see gangothri too..?!
hey anon..!
that comment is typical of u ,u b.....

Anonymous said...

hey doc,this is one of the very best blogs i hav ever read, me an finl year engg. stud from cochin, my final sem xams are startin on next friday....still i couldnt help stoppin at some post once started...and finished all the posts b4 i slept at 4 in the morn...fabulous ones ma'm.......and words are cent percent faithful to ur emotions.....will keep readin...

hope and love said...

txs bas..! thats one of the best comments iv recieved..!!