Saturday, October 29, 2005


I decided to leave.
There was no clear-cut reason. I could continue my residency.

But psychiatry no longer mesmerized me.Dr Gidwani no longer inspired me.

The clinician in me preferred to practice evidence based medicine. Scientific, precise, methodical medicine. There were too much obscure factors in psychiatry..

I gave up my dream..

But I kept in touch with Lekha..Off and On..

The new block was inaugurated by the President Of India. Dr Gidwani was awarded Padmasree for his excellent service in psychiatry.

Rajeev continued his delinquent ways.. But he behaved properly with Lekha..He died in an RTA a few years later.

Ullas was never cured completely ..He had spells of sanity.. Lekha always delighted him .. Making him happy gave her deep pleasure.

But the depression recurred. He committed suicide during a bad spell. Dr Gidwani stated that it was common in Major depressive psychosis.

Lekha continued to face life with a determination to be happy at any cost.
A few years later ,She got married again ... To a psychiatrist in the institute..

Dr Gidwani died due to cancer esophagus in ‘Ullas memorial hospital.’. Lekha was the chairperson of the trust which managed the hospital.

We visited Manali this spring.. On the way back I told my husband that I wished to visit the Institute… see Lekha.
Lekha was transformed.. Poised.. Confident.. Mother of a six year old girl..

We walked through the enchanting campus. It was blooming.
“I am happy now”.. She smiled .

We met Dr Akash, Lekha's husband. A happy go lucky man with huge dimples, twinkling eyes and long unruly hair falling over his forehead.. We talked late into the night.. He kept us in splits with his anecdotes in the institute

He took his job in the right perspective.. I reflected.. Detached.. Balanced.. With a dash of humor..

I was pensive on the way back.
“”Mama..! Mama..!” I was startled out of my thoughts by Taj’s voice.. He was rubbing my elbows to attract my attention..
“Yes baby..” I was still thinking about the institute.
“Mama ..I want to become a psychiatrist when I grow up.” His huge eyes were ernest..
“Oh..!!” I was startled..
Multitude of emotion racked my body..

“Don’t take him seriously.” my husband laughed..
“Tomorrow he will want to be a fire fighter.”. He smiled at me..

“Hmmm.. true…” I muttered..

I smiled back at him..

P.S Dr Gidwani is still alive… I wrote about his cancer and death out of sheer spite.. and to satisfy Lash..


Anonymous said...


Thats a Happy Ending except for Dr.Gids being alive.:P Keep Spreading Goodness around Doc.Cheers!!

PS: YAY!Moi First!!

Jo said...

So the series ended up here? That makes me sad. :-( And you surprised us all with your postscript about Dr. Gidvani. :-))

Geo said...


Sujith said...

and it ended... really nice one doc..

Sujit said...

Finally the curtains are down with smiling faces all over.. good :)

Matter of Choice said...

hey..was that a happy ending?? if so i missed it :(, i thought it was still a tragic ending!!!!

Aashi said...

Hey !!...happy ending of interesting episodes!!!..and doc...happy diwali to u and ur family!!

-Poison- said...

u killed a live man on paper...!!!!
poor gidwani!

Prakash said...

Dropped by to say...
" Happy & Prosperous Diwali & Eid Mubarak"
Have fun..keep faith

the Monk said...

very nice...though i'd have liked it if you'd not told us the doc's alive...

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.... this was gud!!!!

but i dint know there wud be a love-6!!! i thot this was over.. but i enjoyed reading this one more than anything cos it had the anger and satire in healthy proportions :))

and lets frogive poor gidwani.. he has suffered enough.. poor old man..

my condolences (forgive the spelling) for gidwani... and what is RTA? Railway track accident??? :))

anumita said...

That's a lovely story. And I love the ending about Dr Gidwani! Hehehe! Happy Diwali!

Harashita R. R. Bajaj said...

heys nice post....but i wud hav felt better if tat gidwani was really dead

Anonymous said...

nice post.. the series I mean.. I actually sat and read from 1 to 5..was very interesting.. doc. I am a bit surprised that you harbour illfeeling for Dr. Gidwani.. wasn't he just being a little pragmatic.. if anybody needed to be hated it was that females violent hubby.

R said...

Nice blog Doc!! :)

hope and love said...

txs everybody..
MOC,i too dont feel that it was a happy ending.. but then thats how life is..
hmmm.. true i still harbour illfeelings against gidwani.. maybe its cos he inspired me to experiment but let me down once his purpose was served..

hope and love said...

RTA is road traffic accident..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

waiting for the next series.. hope its under construction.. make it a medical thriller, in the lines of cricthon.. :))

will u beleive this the word i get for verification here is ULLASPAS .

what a coincidence!

hope and love said...

incredible isnt it..?
but lash, im sooooo busy these days since iv more responsibility in the hospial since my boss has left and i had to take over..
hope il get some time..
infact my series was delayed several days due to acute deficiency of time..

Mrs. Dalloway said...

Lol! I loved the bit abt Gidwani!