Sunday, October 16, 2005


Dr Gidwani was the last to know. I was summoned to his room. I turned up dot on time.
He was pacing up and down. His hands were clasped behind his back.

“What is going on between your patients doc?” he was curt.

Nothing sir...” I was trying to dodge..

He stopped pacing and stared at me.. I averted my eyes.

“Listen to me”. His face was expressionless. “Rajeev is under police custody for some criminal case. His father has nominated Lekha as the heiress.” He paused..” Provided she is certified to be fit by a medical board of three psychiatrist. He has also offered to sponsor a new block for the institute if Lekha improves..”

“Medicines won’t be of much use in her case. It’s not a disease only an adjustment problem.. She needs lot of emotional support.. Carry on with your experiment..” He smiled at me.

My heart lifted..! I stared at him.. “ Young lady.. Do your best”.. His tone was warmer..

He looked at his watch.. Signaling that I could take leave..

I thanked him and floated out of the room.. I felt jubilant..!! Excited..!

Days passed Lekha showed definite improvement.. She unfurled gently into a quiet lovely person..

Ullas didn’t show much improvement.. He continued to sit and stare into nowhere while he was alone.. But he was transformed in Lekhas presence.. More smiling.. More interest in his surroundings.. He would answer my queries..

Dr Gidwani nodded at me when I greeted him in the wards.. I was flattered..!

It was raining when I was summoned to Dr Gidwani’s room one afternoon.. I walked in with a spring in my step .. Lekha was ready to face the medical board.. She was perfectly OK.

"Congrats doc..” My Professor beamed at me.

I smiled back at him shyly..

“Rajeev is coming tomorrow to collect Lekha.. She was assessed by the board today.. She is perfect.”.

“Rajeev.?!" I was stunned…".But sir.." I stammered..

“Yes doc..?” His voice was curt..

“Sir, Ullas and Lekha..?”

“Ullas will always be a lunatic.. The prognosis of Major Depressive Psychosis is not good..” he paused.. 'Have you not started to read your text books..?' He was scornful..

“But sir she is so happy with him..”

“Lekha is a married woman.. Her husband is coming to collect his wife.. His father has agreed to give him one more chance.

Now you have one more job.. Convince Lekha to go with her husband.. I don’t want any scenes tomorrow in front of Rajeev’s father.. Remember that he has to be convinced.”

I was devastated..!!

I started to stammer something.. But words wouldn’t come out.. My eyes filled.. There was a lump in my throat.. My breathing quickened..

“Young lady are you a doc or a drama queen..?” His face flushed..

“Now get this straight.... Either follow my instructions... Or be sure that you will never pass out of this institute with a degree in psychiatry.. You are not fit to be one.. You get too much emotionally involved with your patients..”

He signaled that I could leave..

I walked out. I was shaken..

I knew what my options were.. Obey Dr Gidwani , be his godchild.. And face guilt for the rest of my life.. Or reject my dream and try to convince Rajeev’s father about their love..

It then occurred to me that getting involved with Ullas and Lekha had been a great mistake..
(To be continued)


Sujit said...

A sudden turn.. not expected.. expecting the most unexpecetd that devasts the expectation... you must have been in a really horrible situation?.. what happend next..

Anonymous said...

this is the peril of an organised society- one man one wife.

but u re a brave doc it seems :)).. my advice is to let things happen as it should. dont tell me this female is goin to go with the hero ..that wud be an impossible end.. she shud instead go with her legal hero.that is life. but please bring in some action involving gidwani.. bloodshed will give it a raw look.. lookin fwd.. and gud progress.

thanks for comin in too.. :))

Sujith said...

hmm.. kaduthu.. tightistic situation.. eagerly waiting for the next episode..

Anonymous said...

Hats Off to you Doc!!Wonderful usage of words.. I can envisage the pictures your words draw on your Blog entries.

-Poison- said...

turn lekha back to the psychopath?
its rajeev who should be institutionalised.

kickassso said...

Such is the way life happens.
SH*T happens and we can never do anything about it.

Jo said...

This series is really interesting. I think you handled the issue without hurting both parties. Looking forward to the next post.

divya said...

i am just curious to read what decision u took..
our decisions are so difficult why is it that its tough to make a choice??and even more tough as a doctor i feel lost at times..can't figure out which way to go..

Aashi said...

this is so touching!! nd i really dont understand this thing about medical can we be so emotionless and unattached...but at times its good and wrks in favour of patients..

Geo said...

Cant a guy and a gal be just two good friends? Is it absolutely necessary that they should always get married? Cant two good friends hold hands or sleep on one others lap?

Nunzia said...

what a beautiful post.

R R said...

can't wait for what happens next!

kvmurali32 said...

Thumps Up! Nice job doc!

It'd be nice if people could make their choices though instead of their "loved" ones making it...

But I doubt if I know what's best for anyone here...

Matter of Choice said...

Not my kinda story :(, i can see the inexorable move to a tragedy. I hope i am proved wrong by ur next episode (after all hope is a part of ur blog name!)

movingly written


Devilish Angel said...

Its thrilling...

the-think said...

..............go on!!