Monday, September 12, 2005

Me about myself...

Geo and jithu have tagged me .
So here I go…!!

7 things I plan to do before I die!!

1. Learn the language of flowers, birds, wind, clouds and rain.
2. Bring up my boys to become honorable men.
3. Live each day happily .. Spread hope and love wherever I go( In fact that’s my personal mission statement.)
4. Spend six months sabbatical in a lonely cottage somewhere in the nilgiris.
(English countryside used to be my dream but I think wishing for the nilgiris would be more realistic. )
5. Write a bestseller.(expressing my inner self)
6. Grow old gracefully.
7. Live in a manner that I am remembered only with love and affection after my death.

7 things I can do !!

1. Love foolishly.
2. Spoil my boys rotten.
3. Ooze confidence even when I tremble inside.
4. Be very bitchy.
5. Gobble up ten diary milks at one stretch.
6. Get Giggling fits in very solemn and tense situations. (esp. if im with people I know have the same hysterical reaction.. !!my mom says it’s hereditary.. my grandma had it ..!and so do many of my cousins and sisters..!!)
7. Find ecstasy in silence and solitude.

7 things I can’t do !!

1. Hurt a person knowingly.
2. Refuse a request for help.
3. Stop nagging my boys.
4. Pass a pink dress in the store and not try it on.
5. Keep my nails unpainted.
6. Be without a book to read.
7. Not kiss his dimples when he smiles that special smile.

7 things that I find attractive in the opposite sex !!

1. Power and leadership.
2. Sense of humor.
3. Style.
4. Creativity.
5. Sexy voice.
6. Dimples
7. Golden brown eyes.

(While all these may attract me its integrity, dependability and stability that keeps me)

7 things I say most !!

1. Ok.
2. Hhhmmmm…
3. Eda/edi
4. Aiyoo..!
5. Kidilam!!!
6. Ithu pole nalla oru m-o-t-h-e-r/bharyene vere evide kittum..?!!(To my boys..Ya I use the spelling with them/peeps)
7. Vazakkondakkathe..(Iv to keep saying this cos my boys keep bickering and fighting the whole time..)
8. Enthamma..?(That’s how I always address my women patients first.. and they love it..!)

7 celebrity crushes !!

1.Richard Gere
2.Rajeev Gandhi
3. Kapil Dev
4. Mel Gibson
5. Sharukhan
7. Emran hashmi(The current one.)
8. Jeyan:)) (True my dear babies..!! we used to love the good old bell bottom Jeyan..!!

7 people I want to take this quiz.

The think.

I recommend this quiz strongly.. Its therapeutic for your soul..!!
Special Thanks to my dear Geo and Jithu !


silverine said...

This was a beautiful list. As you said, doing the tag was extremely therapeutic. I am still in introspective mode after I wrote mine :)

Jo said...

Hey doc,

I have already given my answers. :-)

Sujith said...

thts cool.. even i wanted to lie down on the green grass of a scotish country side, bt then changed my mind to the green grass of vellayani lake-side... :-)

Matter of Choice said...

very good always reading ur posts itself is quite therapeutic..and who better than a doc to advice that :)


Jo said...

Here are my answers: Tagged

I've been tagged by Vatsan last week. :-)

Aashi said...

hmm...thats a nice list f things!! i will have to "chalao my brain!!"...

Geo said...

Pass a pink dress...
Gobble up ten diary milks...
Keep my nails...

how old u told u r?


Geo said...
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the-think said...

yes I am! and same to you if you are too!
btw, love the 7 things i can do list!

-Poison- said...

seems to me tht ur boys have a wonderful m-o-t-h-e-r :)

-Poison- said... that brooke shields in the pic?

Tricksand said...

And miles to go before i sleep.....

Jobin Basani said...

Nice post :)
BTW I saw in your profile that Thoovanathumbikal is in your fav movies list.It's my fav movie also.Splendid movie...

Anonymous said...

"Live in a manner that I am remembered only with love and affection after my death."