Saturday, August 20, 2005


The purpose of my previous post was to share a thought that has often crossed my mind.
I really doubt if I was able to get the message across from the comments I received…
I have often observed that Nature... The seasons... The plants.. The animals.. All seem to be in perfect order, harmony and bliss.
A banyan tree.. a sparrow.. a lion.. all seem to be so calm.. relaxed and stable
No confusions, tensions worries or distractions.
But what about human beings?
We are always worried or angry about something.. We strive for achievement or advancement but rarely have the courage energy or time to do what we really want. Or enjoy.
We compete.. We envy.. We stab from the back for petty gains.
Our selfishness and greed make us wage wars and pollute the environment.

I believe in life before and after our existence in this planet as human beings. The railway station was described to indicate our halt in this planet. And the ‘gods own country’ was supposed to indicate the life before and after human life.

Only human beings have the power to discern right and wrong. Only we have special talents. Only we can dream..
But the humanity struggles ahead while the rest of the universe enjoys order, peace and harmony.
Why is the purpose of all this agony..?
Why is mankind left alone to suffer, ponder , worry and struggle..?
Why everything is kept a secret..?
I don’t like to end anything on a negative note

I truly believe in the bond of love.. That goodness always triumphs at the end.

That we leave our acts of kindness and inspiration behind us even after our death.
Maybe these are the answers. For humanity as a whole.

Do away with selfishness.
Have faith that everything is ultimately for the good.
Harness the power of love.
Yes love is the obvious answer.

Do I sound too self-righteous??!! Too goody goody..??!!


the-think said...

Because evolution wants our layer to be the next one to move?

Matter of Choice said...

hmmmm...and i thought ur prev post was just a beautiful post abt the journey..i missed the meaning u intended to convey!. But now when i read it again..i understand!

Coming to the current post, it is only the unhappiness, ambition, selfishness and restlessness that has made humans what they are today (for better or worse). If we were just content with what we had we would have still lived in caves and remained hunter-gatherers. Humanity moves (again keeping myself neutral) through unhappy people who strive for the unseen. The constant movement is good for humanity but probably not for the individuals concerned. it is sad but thats what life is.

The choice would have been between a contented but stagnant life or an unhappy but challenging life.

Ah well...whoever made us, did not give us any choice in the matter :)

nibujohn said...

doctor, i think you got it all wrong. humna beings are not the only living beings that compete. look at a rubber groove and you will see them competing for light. spreading their branches over another poor tree, blocking it off its light, thereby killing it.look at a female spider who eats her mate after mating.

competition, greed, fights, takeovers... everything is just plain life. every living being does that. something will have to rot so that the other will grow. there is only one law and sorry it is not anmy religious or ethical law. that law was propounded by one man called darvin and that says taht only the fitest will survive.

and dont be misleaded by the fact that humans can think. the survival genes in every human being will make us do nasty things, even if we are among those soft, less agressive type of people. that is why when we go to watch a movie, is there someone we know who is already standing in the queue. selfishness is the one key that helped our race to survive. we were smart enough to cheat the natures scheme which said that tiger eats man by inventing weapons.

vijyan said...

you are conceptually right about love and life, but can some one lead a contented practical life with such a mindset?? if there is plaesure there will be pain. if there is happiness there will be unhappines... opposite sides of the same coin..

kvmurali32 said...

hi hope n love,
thanks for ur comment.

Very interesting post this one.
I have always wondered why we human beings talk like we are not part of "nature".
Aren't we just another species of animals?
Wouldnt that include everything we create too?
Plastics maybe the most polluting creation but which other materail has its amazing qualities? I mean the water proofing and isolation plastic provides.
Everything around is in harmony... but I dont think its like a placid lake.. Its more like the sea... waves pummeling the shore n receding back... like an ultimate balancing act.
After all,isnt tiger eating deer also "nature" and earthquakes and tsunamis too.
Actually when I think about it, most animals are selfish and thats how it evoplution itself works...

We humans are different... maybe its bcos of the conscience or something.
but its not in an odd or wrong way. its perhaps the ability to ponder... to fight instincts that we feel "wrong".
though I'll confess I have never been able to tell the difference between "right" n "wrong".

Man maybe very self indulgent at times; but we made roads, we built sanctuaries, hospitals , vaccines n
I feel most of it does fit in.
besides if it gets out of hand, we may become something like another "Dinosaur" story

hope and love said...

true humanity has achieved a lot. but has it made us happy..? fullfilled..? thats exactly what i wanted to convey.. thats y i feel that we are not moving in the rt direction..
and manu,
other than the exception of the spider no animal kills its own species. and the surving fit one is not happy . thats y i feel that selfishness has to go.
a mother never competes with her baby.. y..? cos of the tremendous love. i was wondering if that kind of love bonded every human being..?
love is beyond practicality.. its pleasure in self sacrifice.
parna, in the current world what u wrote is true.. but what if love abounds in a society more than hate..?
everything fits in ultimately cos as i had written there is a slight upmanship of goodness and goodness ultimately wins.
what i still belive is that the humanity should be given an overdose of love. selfishness will end and we will have harmony..

silverine said...

Survival of the fittest is the underlying rule on Earth I guess.Even as civilised human beings the competitive streak is still ingrained in our genes. Survival of whole species depends on this factor. Perhaps it was this spirit that led to the inventions and discoveries and advancement of civilisation. As human beings we have to constantly strive to rise above the animal in us, thats what challenges us constantly. The dividing line between the two is so thin.

anumita said...

No, you dont. Sound goody, goody, that is. All of us get into these moods sometimes.

Geo said...

You are taking about a 'calm.. relaxed and stable' world. A world of man less nature... Remember that old slogan of 'Kerala Shasthra Sahithya Parishat'... Man and Nature are dependent entities or to be more precise, Man is just a part of Nature. Even mentioning 'Man and Nature' is like saying, 'My nose and Me went to temple'.

These days, the part is trying to outgrow the whole. The part is trying to control the whole, thinking they are the masters of it all. Jumbo jets, sky-scrapers, bullet trains, fusion bombs, cloning, sub nautical fission, synthetic farming... the list is endless...

But the bigger question is, with changing times, aren’t we all changing too? Has anybody forced you or me to adapt to these changes? Aren’t we entering this rat race out of our own choice?

Just spin the wheel back by some 3 or 4 centuries... When our ancestors used to be content with the life around a paddy field for them to sweat, a small stream to water them and their crops, a temple, a lake near that and the quintessential banyan tree to witness all their evening chats and meetings... wasn’t life relaxed, calm, serene, stable and balanced then?

Aashi said...

very nice and colourful blog!

Aashi said...

thanks for dropping in...pray for me.

Sujith said...

lets act to change it.. from where a new world order shall arise..

clash said...

may be we are living in a time where everything goes the other way round, and somehow it is.. and i think somehow it is supposed to..
A few months ago, while riffling through my column clippings searching for a lost statistic, I noticed a couple of recurring themes and images. The first was the fence. The image came up again and again: barriers separating people from previously public resources, locking them away from much needed land and water, restricting their ability to move across borders, to express political dissent, to demonstrate on public streets, even keeping politicians from enacting policies that make sense for the people who elected them.
Some of these fences are hard to see, but they exist all the same.
its chaos unlimited! and anarchist's utopia!