Thursday, December 02, 2010


This year  I  had an experience that hurt me badly.. Almost shattered me. I can proudly say that I  really understand what the poem below means.. cos it was forgiving that person that ultimately healed my wounds..

The tears I shed, I forgive.
The suffering and disappointments, I forgive.
The betrayals and lies, I forgive.
The slandering and scheming, I forgive.
The hatred and persecution, I forgive.
The punches that were given, I forgive.
The shattered dreams, I forgive.
The dead hopes, I forgive.
The disaffection and jealousy, I forgive.
The indifference and ill will, I forgive.
The injustice in the name of justice, I forgive.
The anger and mistreatment, I forgive.
The neglect and oblivion, I forgive.
The world with all its evil, I forgive.

Grief and resentment, I replace with understanding and agreement.
Revolt, I replace with music that comes from my violin.
Pain I replace with oblivion.
Revenge, I replace with victory.

I will be able to love above all discontentment.
To give even when I am stripped of everything.
To work happily even when I find myself in the midst of all obstacles.
To dry tears even when I am still crying.
To believe even when I am discredited. 

                                                          -  Paulo coelho 

P.S. From his new book The Aleph (O Aleph),  The book is currently only in Portuguese, but it will be published world wide in 2011


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very powerful poem. Very powerful emotions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anu,
Good Morning!
I just can't beleieve how can I relate my feelings to your posts so well.:)
I haven't heard about this book and thanks for the information........
I went through all that in November and now getting back to the track.
December is the month,
The month of forgiveness and sacrifices,
The month to rejoice the birth of JESUS,
Fill your minds with positive energy,
All the happiness and caring for others,
Dear,God takes care.
Somewhere someone loves you so dearly.

Anonymous said...

It is extremely easy for everyone to say "move on, you should be able to forget and forgive". But in practice all of these becomes so hard to do. The poem is pretty powerful. Thanks for sharing!

hope and love said...

yes debora.. its powerful..
anupama, thank u sweetheart..may December bring u peace..
triv girl, its very very difficult... we have to keep trying for it..

Alexis said...

Really nice and profound. This is one reason why PC is one of my favorite authors.

Wishing you and all at home a happy Xmas and healthy and prosperous 2011 in advance.

Hilary said...

Forgiveness and moving ahead is always the right thing to do when you look back. It's always a matter of perspective. As difficult as it may be at the time, it's what must be done in order to get back into the present. Lovely post.

Ash said...

Beautiful powerful poem, thank you so much for sharing!

Shadow said...

wonderful poem. life-saving sentiments...

Seth said...

Lovely poem!

Ash said...

Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Tricksand said...

Merry christmas....!!!

venuss66 said...

Thank you for sharing. I can relate my feelings to this master piece so well.

Seema said...

Am a big fan of Paul Coelho...this is awesome..healing comes only from forgiveness..completely !