Thursday, March 04, 2010

Take care..

Take care of them..

They are our most prized possessions.. Little bundles of energy.. With capacity to breed.... Millions and million times over..

They can make us stagger with pain ..stark mad with fury..smother us with wretchedness, loathing, and despair..

They can make us face malice with mercy.. defeat with equanimity.. and terror with tranquility

They can make us see the vulgarity in vanity.. hilarity in hypocrisy .. gift in adversities and blessing in betrayals..

They can give us the might of tenderness .. the quietness of absolution.. and the delight of dreams..

They can sweep away the past.. living waters to flow on.. and grace to gush forth..

They can lift us up.. get us going.. and make us soar..

Beyond the the horizons.. beyond the quiet of the clouds..towards staggering light and love..

They are our most prized possessions.. Little bundles of energy.. With capacity to breed.. Millions and million times over..

Yes sweethearts..

Let us take care of our thoughts..

They are out most prized possessions..


Santosh Wilson said...

you are very much right at it! Our thoughts are our life! They are in fact the sixth sense, I must say!

If we had a control on our thought, how better the world would have been?

Alochichal pranthakum :)

Good post!

Ann said...

SMART - I was led astray by the pic you posted. So true, today I was fuming and brooding over something, and then I stopped and wondered why my head was spinning with all these negative thoughts when I, me MYSELF, can control them and stop them if I wanted to.

wanderlust said...


shahana said...

nice write up!!!

Team JIL JIL JIGA said...

respected doc, very sorry... this is the only communication I found I have to get ur direct contact... can I have your email / mob num pl?: very touching blog, indeed. keep it up! :)

Meety said...

That was nice!! I was going through random blogs and ended up here.. and I loved this post.. beautiful!!