Thursday, March 18, 2010


‘I don’t know how you manage it.’. My hubby sounded cross.. ‘People instinctively know that they can cheat you..’

I kept silent.. Was it true?

Maybe it was..

‘Don’t take what people say at face value.. And money is something that tempts people.. Always..’

‘Hmmm.. ‘ I nodded my head bent..

The bill had been for 525 rupees. I had no change. So I had given the caretaker a one thousand rupees note.

‘You go there only few days a month.. It’s not as if you know him that well’


‘You should think what is making a person say something.. not just believe it blindly.’

‘Yes. I had believed him.. When he told that he had spent the balance amount and he would pay me back when he got his salary.. I had again kept quiet when he told his salary was not enough but he would himself pay the next month’s bill.

He had come after me each time I walked across the lobby to get into my car.. Apologizing..

‘Ma’m please don’t tell the committee.’ he had begged

I had finally got irritated.

‘Don’t keep talking about it and wasting my time. You pay it next month.’ I had driven off angry with myself..

He had kept quiet after that.. And I had ignored him..

I had gone there the last weekend to see a new caretaker.. The previous one had left..!!

‘You have been cheated.. Don’t trust people like that. If you have to pay 525 you should give only maximum 600’. My hubby repeated if talking to a small child.

‘Hmmm..’ I nodded contritely.

Somehow I had never thought that he would Leave the job and go away like that without paying me the balance.

‘Just learn from it.. Don’t fret over it .’ My hubby felt sorry for me I think.

‘Hmmm..; I nodded.

I could only learn from it and move on.

But I felt a bit disturbed.. I had so blindly trusted him.. It was not a big thing.. Just 475 rupees .. But still.. It was not the amount.. It was the fact that I had been so naive.. That I had been fooled..

Something that was so obvious to my hubby.. I had been blind to it..

Any way I have learned one more lesson.. I consoled myself.

Yes.. I keep learning..

I dedicate this post to all those who have cheated me.

Thank you .. For all the lessons in life..

After all the only mistakes in life are the ones from which we learn nothing.


Santosh Wilson said...

be naive! pls dont turn hardhearted just because of this incident. This was not because you were nice to him, it was coz you were overconfident of him; and that should be cut out.

hope and love said...

true. be innocent like the dove but shrewd like a snake

Santosh Wilson said...

yes.. the right quote!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...


Thanks for stopping by ....
you know, I've never been able to watch ‘Thuvanathumbikal' .... it hurts so much to watch it.

Chithira Menon said...

we learn from our mistakes..n thts how life goes on forward..

smile n b happy....


Alexis said...

Bad experience. But I try to believe that there are more good people in the world to keep our faith in the goodness of humanity.

Ancy said...

Yes, being ripped off leaves an awfully sour taste in your mouth. And it becomes difficult to trust anyone else, though their need might be dire. But just take it in your stride and move on. The world is a better place still.. :)

wanderlust said...

Maybe he will come back one day and pay you back and there will be another lesson there :-)

Just Words said...

I know how u feel ,Trust me knowing someone for long is no guarantee that u wont be duped. I have been duped by my old flat mate. Every time I think of it I wonder how could I be so silly , but trusting someone is that really naïve ? guess we trust people based on our instinct and sometimes our instincts go horribly wrong :-(

Jinu George said...

I dont know..Trust is what keeps us all alive in this world first of all..Trust is..Sleeping peacefullyknowing that the servant in your house wont steal and run away in the night..Trust is leaving your child with a caretaker hoping that they will take care of is about confiding your secrets to a is a lot of things...The very thing that keeps u going on..Duping has happened to everyone sometime or the other. Its not your fault..Its the guy's fault..He duped you..and you did right..Have peace thinking that there is no harm giving a poor person some money..!That's what I do when I am boiling with anger..It helps!

Neha said...

Dont feel bad at all by this. We trust people. They break our trust. Your husband must have trusted a lot of people in his own life too, and must have been duped too, thats why he knows what it feels like.

And, this only brought out the human in you.

commited to life said...

some time we just dot understand wen to believe and wen not to..

Arti Honrao said...

Learning from your mistake is what matters. Even I have learned it a hard way. My case was worst, amount being in thousands and not just hundreds.

That experience has helped me to grow up. That's how it is ... that is how life teaches you!


chatty said...

lessons learnt faster save us from more hard learnt lessons!