Tuesday, July 29, 2008

dance in the drizzle..

Dark dull clouds filled the sky..

I looked around with pleasure…

The road along the side of the canal stretched ahead. There was not a single soul in sight.. only the soft soft rain.. and the wet chilly breeze..

The moist earth was totally drenched.

I watched the slow unhurried drops slanting into the burgeoning canal... millions of tiny ripples danced in the waters..

The coconuts palms glistened as they swayed gently in the wet breeze.

A few bird sat brooding on the electric wires. Not bothering to sing...

The leaves and the flowers drooped… overburdened with the last night’s rain..

I shivered with pleasure as the rain drops fell like pins and needles on my skin... ....the chilly breeze stung m y cold cheeks

My dress was getting damp.. My shoes slowly soaking...

The soft sound of the drizzle had awakened me from sleep early morning....I had rushed out..

I love to walk in the drizzle..

I took in a deep breath as I walked briskly.

Four short inspirations... then four short expirations...the fresh cold crisp morning air was literally cleansing my system. I matched the rhythm of my steps with my breaths

She was walking towards me fast , her bare feet faston the sodden ground.. She wore a graying polyester skirt that reached mid calf...a dull brown blouse hung loosely over the dark skinny body... A thin cloth possibly torn off from a sari was wrapped around her head and shoulders...

I smiled at her warmly but she didn’t notice me as she walked past across me.. crouching under the thin cloth.. her frown deepening.. her body cringing with discomfort as each drop fell on her face...

I looked back to see her walking hurriedly..

Unmindful of the dark murky beauty unfolded around her.

The beauty of the drooping flowers... the soft rhythm of the drizzle... the millions of ripples dancing on the water...

Yes.. she was hurrying towards the tiny shop attached to a hut that sold minor provisions..

Probably to get something for the breakfast.

Throw back that cloth , take a deep breath and smile at the clouds sweetheart..!!

I wanted to tell her.

Allow the drops to caress your cheeks. Let the chilly breeze play with your tendrils.

Close your eyes .. Pull out your tongue and taste the fresh drops...

Breathe in again...

Smile flirtly at the clouds...Cajole the birds to sing... Pat the drooping flowers playfully and watch the rain drops dance around madly.
Dance in the drizzle sweetheart.

Love the rains...She is your friend...’

Dance in the monsoons that batters your life sweetheart... That’s the best way to beat them...

Make sorrow your friend..

Yes sweetheart.. dance in the drizzle


Nikhil Narayanan said...

Etra Naal aayi ,I keep coming here to find no updates and finally!!!

"Close your eyes .. Pull out your tongue and taste the fresh drops..."-I do this. :-)

Nice read.

hope and love said...

txs.. im back.. and here to stay..!!

mirage said...

u ve got a good imagination.

soft soft rain.. and the wet chilly breeze..
I loved it.I like to stay on my bed with soft pillows around me with the window curtains open,&gaze at the clouds n enjoy the rain,on such a day.Really comfy:))))

Dhanya said...

Yeh I too love rains :)

silverine said...

Great to hear that you are hear to stay!!! :)

Beautifully written as always! We, the plains people enjoy the cold mountain air. But for them I guess it is another day of struggle to keep warm!

chakde said...

Marvellous,beautifully written.,rain,rain dont go away, plz come again....!

Devika Jyothi said...

Dance in the drizzle...

Liked the post much!

BTW, good to know you a Keralite..i too am :)

and dance as it rains, in my mind though

Comfortably Numb said...

Aaahhh Rains...Mixed opinion you see..There are days when I hate it. And then there are days when I love it. Hate it-->Cos then I cannot play tennis. Love it--> Helps me get drenched on my bike:P.

Awesome writing. Effortless writing.


Arti Honrao said...

"Dance in the monsoons that batters your life sweetheart... That’s the best way to beat them..."

Yes, that is the way to live life. But, not many understand that...
at times, circumstances make it difficult to understand!


Merin Jose said...

hey frnd....nicely written...!
No interpretation wil suffice to describe the beauty n depth of those twilking drops... loved ur message.."dance in the drizzle, make sorrow a friend...n dats the best way to face life.."

venuss66 said...

Beautifully written. I love rain too especially at night.:)

cyclopseven said...

So succinctly laid. Thank you.

Appu said...

U inspire me...Ur words r simple yet deep..Really enjoyd reading ur posts...!!!
:) :)