Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fading 2007..

The New Year is arriving..

Last year was a good one.

Lots of love and laughter shared.

Good health.. Good boss.. The two things we have least control upon.


I feel blessed. Let me thank for my countless blessings

Let me move on with hope in my heart. Cocooned and safe in the unconditional divine love that is my birthright

Praying for the strength and wisdom to make the right decisions.

For the grace to see goodness in everything
Gautam will be completing his plus two. Hope and pray that his hopes and dreams come true..


PS. Thats the pic of Palayam Church taken today at dusk..


Alexis said...

I wish you a happy and prosperous 2008. May the next year be filled with joy, fun, peace, hope and love.
May all your dreams come true...

silverine said...

May all the dreams in your eyes, all the desires in your heart and all
the hopes in your life blend together, to give you the most spectacular New Year ever.

Happy New Year!!

It is with sadness that I bid goodbye to 2007. It was a good year. I hope 2008 matches upto its predecessors expections ( two good bosses) or I am gonna kick arse!!

Sherry said...

Wish you a great new year and thereafter :)

Geets said...

happy new year!

mathew said...

wishin you best of times in the new year..

P.S. the palayam church photo is a tad nostalgic for folks like me..

hope and love said...

thanks..! same to u..
santukta, geets,txs..
mathew,, hmmm i can imagine..

Emmanuel said...

wishing u a great year ahead... :)

silverine said...

Forgot to ask, how is the Lab? Please put up his pic and prepare to starve :p He will eat you out of home and hearth lol!! And they tend to get fat so strict diet and walk with you on your regular rounds would keep him happy and bright and less snappy :) And oh yes, give him a huuuuge hug from my side!

Jo said...

Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous year of 2008.

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

Hello Doc , Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year :) . All The Best to Gautam in 2008.

Arti Honrao said...

Beautiful photograph!

Happy New Year :)


Life said...

happy new year

have lots fun and happiness in coming year

Take Care

Balu said...

Hello Dr.,
Enjoyed reading your blog! You express yourselves so well!
Wish you a great year ahead!

Jina said...
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monsoon dreams said...

hi ,
thats one of my favourite places in tvm and i make sure that i walk this road on christmas eve,every year to see the string of stars,the cribs on sale,branches of 'kattadi" for making x'mas trees.etc.nice to see ur blog,i liked the way you write about hospital experiences .made me think about my patients who have left lasting impressions on my mind,mostly positive.the kind of joy and satisfaction this profession gives is unparalleled,isnt it?