Thursday, November 15, 2007


Mr Moorthy died. A few weeks back.

His wife came to see me today. To collect medicines for her sons.

Mr Moorthy was conscious almost till his end. The morning he died , he called both his sons to his bedside.. He hugged them and blessed them. His eyes overflowed.

What pains me deeply is that nothing definite has been arranged regarding the sons.

Who will take care of them once their mother too passes away...?

From what I understood, they had expected her brothers to take care of the two sons after taking whatever property they have. But it was towards his end that they realized that it was not going to work out.

She is now searching for some institution which would take care of them.

I felt so sorry for the old woman. Widowed at 72yrs. With not much education or exposure, she is somehow grappling with her life, alone, burdened by her two sick sons.

I told her to do something as early as possible. To arrange something with the help of her brothers. Meanwhile I would also try to contact a few institutions.

May God help her.

May his soul rest in peace..

PS. I had written about Mr.Moorthy and his special family on March 6, 2005.


mathew said...

It is a big lesson for us when we realise how trivial our troubles humbles us when we see people like Moorthy and his family facing hardships like this which would easily crumble a ordinary soul..simply amazes me..I really dont know what to say..

Alexis said...

Sad... It will be very difficult for the rest of the family. May God have mercy on them and some good institution takes them in.

JustCurious said...

As a doctor you really get to encounter varied emotions in Human Lives some of them as heart shattering as this but I compliment you for doing whatever best you can under the circumstances.
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venuss66 said...

Very touching. May God Bless them and keep them under his tender care.