Monday, September 17, 2007

Human Nature.

Silvie had tagged me a few weeks back. Maybe she has forgotten about it having posted several posts after the tag …

Sorry for the delay silvie,I didn’t get time . I am sure you will forgive this busy woman-doc-friend for the delay.

I enjoyed doing it because human beings always interest me. Also it made me go back and remember the people I love and respect and the ones who have pained me.

FirstI have to name those I wish will take up the tag.

I tag the following people.

1. mm
2. abc
3 .adorable pancreas
4. cool-alien- frm- mars
5. di

I wish to get to know you better sweet hearts..!!


The second part of the tag is about the "Kinds of People I Judge"

I know that I am not supposed to judge others. But being human, I do judge some kinds of human nature.

1. Suck ups-People who suck up to relatives and colleagues with lot of money and social status and look down on people who are not that lucky. In general, people who believe that those with more money and social status is “superior’ to others.

2. People who bring religion, castism and groupism to their work place

3. Manipulators - people who try to manipulate the emotions of others. They use kindness, goodness, guilt, greed, envy, lust, gluttony, and pride, of their fellow human beings to get their way.

4. Those who don’t keep their promises. Some may even give false promise to get their way. It makes you lose your trust in them.

5. Goody goodies and hypocrites

The third part of the tag is about "People and Things I admire" (The best part I think)

1. People with physical handicaps or chronic disease, who get on with a positive attitude. There was this doctor who did PG with me. He was struck by polio while doing his ‘plus one’. He had been a state cricket team player before that. His one leg was paralyzed and he walked with a limp using braces. Also had severe back pain on and off.
I always admired the way he used to join in all the fun never drawing attention to his disability. He was always smartly dressed and smiling calmly. His presentations, depth of knowledge, and language skill were excellent. I always admired the dignified the way he handled his disability.

2. Women who are successful professionally but always prizing their tenderness their feminity. Women who successfully balance their carrier and home. Who can exercise control over their male subordinates firmly softly and effortlessly. I once had a lady boss like that.. she used to be so soft, but firm and clear as to what she wanted. I loved the time I worked with her.

3. People who are disciplined and organized in an effortless manner. Wonder if I will ever be that..

4. People with a positive regard to everything in life and malice to none. Those who live happily whatever their circumstances are making the best of whatever they have

5. People who can get across their message frankly, simply and pleasantly without hurting others..

6. People who can make others laugh a lot. ( And silvie dear, U lead the rest…!!)



mathew said...

I always have felt that manipulator's of emotions to get their way are the worst people..It is often too late when we discover that....

I ll do a ctrl C +Ctrl V for the part "People and Things I admire"

nicely written...

Alexis said...

Nice one anu. I liked your take on the tag. Well written in your unique style.

Anonymous said...

Not an easy tag at all.

People who bring religion, casteism and groupism to the workplace. I think these people are inherently insecure about themselves, and they just need some unquestionable base to exert their superiority. What jerks.

Great post!

Geets said...

Nice one. You are tagged again!!!!

cafm said...


ctrl v + ctrl c of what adorable pancreas has said ( Yes i am lazy and am not :P)

This was my first tag and it was fun :P

and oh yeah....Great Post! :P

ap said...

great post quite an insight into your character as well :)

N@nc! said...


silverine said...

That was so sweet!! :) Thank you doc for taking up the tag, however late :) *muah*

Manipulators of emotions are the worst kind of human beings around. They kill the faith of the people they exploit!!

That gentleman with the Polio...hats off to him!


Anonymous said...

Hi.....Just happened see ur page...Read all your stretch. Loved the ones on people. Very true!
You write well bringing out all the right emotions....
Most of all you are a lady who has suceeded in her own way. Can i say a change from the normal Ktm crowd. Great going!!!

Movie Mazaa said...

Oops I am awfully sorry to say that I missed ur tag, and came across it just nw.

Anywayz u have done a great job of the tag. And I share ur admiration for organised people. :)

venuss66 said...

Hi, a good one. Will come again. :)