Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alexis's Tag .

Awesome, Amazing Alexis has tagged me.. so here i go..

1. Most desired celebrity

Masculine.. sexy.. intelligent.. Adorable..warm..tender..
sensitive.. sense of humor.. He is the best...

2. Want to do this some day
Swim in the sea... don’t think I will ever do it..
After my drowning experience I am scared of water..

3. Want to visit this place
Mount Kailas and Manasasarovar...
Hindus view Kailas as the abode of Shiva, and for them
it is a goal of pilgrimage.
Mount Kailas (22,028 ft, 6,714 m), the famed holy
peak, is situated to the north of the Himalayan
barrier in Western Tibet. This legendary snow-shrouded
rock dome is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites
for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bonpos
At the slopes of Kailas, a
stream is said to pour into Manasarovar and from this
lake, flow four of Asia's great rivers the Indus, the
Brahmaputra, the Karnali and the Sutlej.
I would love to visit there and dissolve in the
majestic silence... heart wrenching solitude and sheer

4. Random Favorite

Arundhati Roy..

Bold, intelligent, beautiful, spunky, straightforward,
has her own awesome style..
I fell in love with her on reading the first paragraph
of the ‘God Of Small things’…


silverine said...

Himalayas look awesome and I want to go there again, to trek. Mel Gibson *sighhhh* he is a dreamboat isn't he? I can swim in the sea, but the water is awfuly salty and harsh. I hate swimming in the sea.
Lovely desires :)

Sarah said...

you know it is funny, I have the same mount kailas and mansarovar on my computer to do the same tag. My blogger has been giving me a tough time to upload the pictures to do this tag!

Anu beautifully done tag...And I am sure if you put your mind to it, you can swim in the ocean

Movie Mazaa said...

I do share a fascination for Mel, as well, especially after having watched one oh his biggest flops ever, Bird on a Wire. He was the only good thing adt an otherwise inane movie. :)

As for Arundhati, hmmm... I wish she wud write another fictional piece. I Wish!


anumita said...

Your wants are very desirable!

Scoot said... fav hottie!

Mind Curry said...

aloha! so you managed this one..

mel..excellent..hes great..loved braveheart..i love the mountains..though prefer something like the swiss alps..with plenty of green.

great sure all your wishes will come true.

mathew said...

Swim in the sea..go goa..u ll find it absoulely safe to swim over there..
arundhati roy is a big favourite of mine..nice snap!!

Sujith said...

doc, u had a drowining experience? :-(

Anonymous said...

seems to be the greatest lies of a great joker!!!

hope and love said...


monu said...

hey ....Mel gibson was arreseted for driving under the influence of alchohal :|

Jo said...

I also want to go to the Himalayas. I think Himalayas is a dream place for every Indian to visit someday. :-)

PS: Can you mail me your number to jocalling(at)gmail(dot)com? Thank you.

pophabhi said...

Mel and Arundhathi are great choices. Swimming in sea seems to be an ok, choice - maybe Goa? :)