Saturday, September 03, 2005

Reaching out-3

Yes I needed to see my boys.. They always make me happy. And it was high time I talked to them ..About sex.. Condoms and AIDS
After dinner I went up to their room. I sat on the bed and told them about Arjun..
“Very smart boy” I told them sadly. “Exactly the type of boy I want you to grow up to be.”
“So you want us to be AIDS patients when we grow up.?” Gautam grinned at me..
“ I knew you would ask that” I laughed.
I started speaking. About sex.. Condoms.. And AIDS.

Gautam lay sprawled on the bed. He pretended not to hear. His face wore an exaggerated bored expression. Taj’s expressive eyes betrayed him. He started to giggle.

“So be careful when you grow up.. Don’t play around with your girlfriends and get AIDS.” I grinned at them
“ We can play around mama” Taj grinned back. Only.. We should use condoms!”
Oh. Oh?! I was surprised..!! So my babies knew..!!
Yes mama.. Taj quipped back.” No Condoms..No Sex..!!”
My heart lightened..
I hugged him tight.. and kissed his chubby cheeks..


Sujith said...

hmmmm... :-) thts nice..

silverine said...

This is so sweet. How old are your boys?

The sooner the younger generation learns of AIDS the better. But then as a Doc I guess you know that better than I do.

Geo said...

I got ur point..

"We can play around"


Aashi said...

would like to know mre abt u doc....which place r u from?

hope and love said...

ya parenting is wonderful..!ur kids always soothen you..
:))get a couple of them soon..

they are 14 and 12
there is no point in fighting with the inevitable..
i know that they WILL play around..!
sure.. u r most welcome..write to me on mail..
its in my profile..

Aashi said... about u ....very much like title pure ain .....when u said last day of a extraordinary friendship..was it really the last day??? asking this cuz i find it very difficult to stay away from people i regard as special....even if they push me away from them,am always in search of some reason to go back to them shamelessly....and i hate this part of mine.huh!!

Jo said...

You are an ideal mother. I think you're so close to them to discuss everything. Thats a good thing.

hope and love said...


Safari Al said...

stumbled here from sidin's blog. Really sweet stuff and nice to read. the kind that is always a welcome change from the harsh realities.

hope and love...they kinda don't seem to go together. atleast for me.

nice stuff...drop by to my blog sometimes

Matter of Choice said...

Hey Doc,

Ahem..14 and 12...they would definitely have known :)). i am talking from my exp as a 14 year old more than a decade back!!.

but it was so sweet of u to overcome the inhibition n tell them anyways. I am sure they will always remember the talk

but..did arjun go for counselling?? there was no "to be continued" after part 3


anumita said...

Hehehe! Your boys are smart! But I can understand your anxieties as a mother.

Goan Pao said...

nice advice...your boys are i wish all boys were that smart...and how i wish all mothers were that smart..must say your wisdom has definitely rubbed on to your boys...

-Poison- said...