Thursday, September 15, 2005

Golden Days..

“Backward, turn backward O time in your flight,
Make me a child again just for tonight”

The blue waves broke merrily into surging white foam as they wished me a “Happy Onam”.

The vast ocean shimmered in the golden sunlight.The white fluffy clouds smiled at me lazily.. Seagulls cried.

I sat at the Kovalam beach sipping iced lemon tea..

My mind lingered on those good old sunny days.. The joy and delight of Onam as a child.. Aminja's laughter leading the rest.. the whole brood would gather around her..

Red dragon flies.. banana chips.. heaping our baskets with wild flowers for Athappo.. Molten Chakkara to be licked off on freshly prepared Sarkkarapuratti.. rushing from one swing to the next and swinging away to our hearts content..
The elaborate 'Onasadhya..'

I signed..

Onam was so different now. We had brought the boys for a swim at the beach.. The cell could ring any time.. I was on call duty..

We could fool around the beach till mid morning.. have a late breakfast.. drive along the Kovalam and Vizinjam beaches till noon... Back to the city in time for ‘Onasadya’ at the Residency Towers’
The cell rang as we drove into our car porch..
Dr Manoj.. The duty doctor.
“A patient has been brought dead in the casualty.. Cause of death not known”
“Don’t issue a Death Certificate… Be soft with the family. Convince them for a Postmortem examination if they insist for a Death Certificate. Ring me if I am needed there.” I spoke briskly.
The boys switched on the TV as soon as we walked into our house.. Peeps went straight to get ready.. He had some work in his office..
I decided to take a nap.. Nice after the Sun, Sand and Sea.
“After I deal with the beach cloths.” I chided myself.
"And maybe make a payasam in the evening.. after all it is Onam.. and I am a Mom..!!"


Geo said...

Nostalgia overflowing :_(

I too miss all those things you have mentioned.
Good old days... but the bridges are already burnt behind us...rite?

clash said...

for a normal bloke ur onam can be a weird onam,but for me always festive days had been just another day or rather i moulded my psyche to fit myself in to that opinion...

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal-albert camus!

being nostalgic is expending your good energy to conform to that normalcy,that evades u always!

hope and love said...

you only started it with that bloody sweet, nostalgic SMS!!!
u r a class appart..!!
Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal-albert camus!
loved it..!!
i too dont like festivals much these days.. but i used to love them as a child and its that fact which makes me nostalgic..!

Aashi said...

Happy Onam!!hope u enjoy the festive season!

Sujith said...

Kovalam is near my house.. That mite be the reason for my less number of visits to that place.. :-)

hmm.. its always a trade off btn professional and personal life..

-Poison- said...

happy onam!

i was in kovalam with sum friends on the day b4 onam! and washing off the black sand is a damn tiring job.

Matter of Choice said...

last onam i was at kovalam too..lazed around the beach in the morning. was called in by my friend's mom for onasadhya at their place. The best onasadhya i ever had!. had a few glasses of nadan kallu with friend and his dad (after auntie went to sleep ofcourse!!)

sarkarapuratti is one of my best memories of onam at home. alas..nowadays everyone seems to buy the packet ones!

belated onam wishes!

anumita said...

Hope you made some great payasam in the evening! Happy Onam!

Jo said...

belated Onam wishes...

hope and love said...

ur house is near kovalam..?! u dont know how lucky u r..!! ya balancing..! i m used to it now..
ya the black sand is so clingy.. hope the golden beach will be back soon..
y dint u come there this time..? we could hav met..!
txs anumita and jo..

Matter of Choice said...

@HnL ah well..if only u had promised me some of tht payasam tooo..i wuld have come :)

btwn: what was the payasam?, if it was ada pradhaman i shall always regret not being at kovalam this onam!


Fundoo said...

uff! Dunn remind those good old days. :| Nostalgia is such a gift eh? People do come and go but these memories remain with us for ever, don't they? Something which you can call your own and nothing can take them away from you. :)

Oh and btw how did the paysam turn out??? Some for me too please! :)

hope and love said...

it was paladapradhaman..
was yummy.. the ada came out well each piece separate, succuulent.. and non sticky..

the-think said...

I hope to spend at least one Onam in the native land :)
So what was my post about? Imgaination, I'd say!
Hope you had a nice time...

Anonymous said...

parcel the payasam doc... me want some payasam... me want payasam.