Saturday, June 25, 2005

One more chance..

Yesterday I met a cardiologist. A woman of about 33yrs. Smart, pucca professional.. Authoritative.. I felt envious of her..
I am also a doc. But I couldn’t make it professionally as good as her. Due to many reasons.
I am not the typical studious type of doctor. I love my hobbies and entertainments too much.. I am married to a person who loves fun and entertainment and prefers to have me besides him always. I had to bring up two active boys depending solely on maids..
I am happy.. I enjoy my work especialy the human part of it..I am paid well. I enjoy my family, my friends, my reading ,my gardening.. I get time to find pleasure in nature in her different moods..
But I couldn’t reach excellence in my profession. I could have achieved it had I given it the time and effort..
I have no regrets but when I saw this girl I couldn’t help feeling a bit envious.
I asked her about her family and she told that she was unmarried.. Must have been tied up with her studies.. Her profession..
I wonder about the paths we have both chosen. She her profession and reaching excellence and me my family and not achieving that excellence in my profession
If given one more chance would I do the same with my life.?. I ask myself..


Surinder said...

i'll suggest a book .. if u havent still read that ..

One by Richard Bach ..

would be a good read .. if this things about your decision keeps you thinking :)

cactusjump said...

the grass is always greener aye?

hope and love said...

surinder,txs for ur iv not read any book by richard bach.. whats the name of the book you suggest..?

hope and love said...

ya its true.. but "two roads diverged in a wood.." by robert frost always makes my eyes wet..

Surinder said...

hi ..

The books name is "ONE" :-)

"ONE" by Richard Bach :-) .. should read it .. :-)

shakuni said... don't know what the other woman wants, do you? :)

hope and love said...

no i dont..
i myself dont know what i want..!! thats why i wrote abt it..

Mrs. Dalloway said...

But you are happy and isn't that what matters? Happy is a state of mind. Happier is a state of mind in comparison. The former is self dependent...

hope and love said...

true poornima..but life is not so simple..

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's this way: what you do on being given the first chance is what you're best at doing and what you've always's with a second chance that you do the one of less priority :)
Thanks a ton for comin by :) see ya around!

June-An said...

Life is never that simple...

Albert Torcaso said...

Hope and Love, it is never too late to improve in your career but I must say you have the better deal because your life is filled with love and that is priceless.