Saturday, May 21, 2005


This is a poem my son Gautam wrote..
And i'm proud of it..!!

Adieu! little lily

Oh! Dear flower, I'm sorry to say
You won't be there for another day
You are the sign of love,
And as sweet as breeze from mango grove.

Till the sun sets,
You refresh your guests
Swaying in the breeze
But you are about to freeze.

It'll soon be night,
And you'll be out of my sight
Just like darkness takes over light.

Oh! Sweet little lily,
People think I'm silly
To cry for you

Tomorrow when the day breaks
When the sun will be shining
You'll just stay
In my mind

As bright and vivid
As a child's mind.
-Peter Gautam


clash said...

thats simply awesome!! convey my regards to ur lil son! :)-

hope and love said...

tk u .. clallaasshh

Albert Torcaso said...

Vey good indeed. Tell your son he did a great job! And ask him to write another one.

Thanks Hope and Love for dropping by my blog.

Manu Raja said...

Kudos to Gautam...Hi...New to your blog...Struck by the pain in the latest few posts...Kinda not the tone in most blogs (including mine)...Keep it up...You've got a regular...

Mrs. Dalloway said...

How old is he?

Doesnt matter actually! It's good for any age!

hope and love said...

txs raja.. i hope you wont find my latest blog too morbid
poornima he is 13yrs..

Anonymous said...

What a striking marvelous poem !

I enjoyed it so much ,, keep it up